Gadget preferences and parameters

The gadget above is simply some html/JS wrapped in some XML that describe it. This is inserted in your site as a custom gadget. The variables are passed as Preferences when the gadget is installed. Once you have selected the preferences for your site you can simply copy the whole thing between pages.

Here are the preferences

  1. Dynamic Height is required. This allows the gadget to expand to show the stats visualization.
  2. Sitecode is the reference you use to store your site parameters as described in Storing options and parameters. This is passed to Retrieving page data from GAS web service so it knows where and how to find the analytics data for the current page.
  3. Imageurl. This is a link to an image that will be displayed by the gadget. When hovered over, it will be hidden and replaced by the stats visualization. 
  4. Appurl. This is the publish url for your webapp that is used for Retrieving page data from GAS web service

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