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  • You may re-use or distribute anything on this site as you wish, with appropriate acknowledgement under a creative commons share-alike license.
  • Please tell us on the forum of any interesting things you have developed. I will add a link to your site if you want, or publish articles of interest in the guest post section.
  • Whenever you use something from this site, in posts, or in projects or code, please add an link and an acknowledgement to where you found it mentioning; Bruce McPherson,  desktop liberation,
  • Occasionally I will have used or adapt some open source snippets that have been published elsewhere. Please carry forward any such acknowledgements and respect the original authors' usage comments and license.

Support the site

It's a lot of work to maintain a site like this. If you find it useful and wish to support it, you can do so by  buying my book, or video course. You can preview Going Gas on Google Books below.


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  • If anything doesn't work the way you expect .. sorry about that.
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Commercial Use

  • If you plan to re-use or develop anything on this site for commercial use, you may do so free of charge,  but please mail me at, and follow the guidelines I've already mentioned - especially with regard to respecting the licenses of others. I'm always interested how this stuff gets used and can give you a place to write up your app in Guest articles and postings, but remember that I cannot provide ongoing support for anything you care to use.

Analytics tracking

Like most web sites, I use Google Analytics to track which topics are popular and to get other actionable information to improve the content. Occasionally, some of the libraries here also use Google Analytics to track the versions being used, record any failures, measure how long they take to run and so on. This helps guide me on what is most popular once it is released and therefore what areas I should take a look at, others I should consider deprecating, and whether anyone is using any version with known bugs. See these pages for more detail on Analytics tracking.
Where I have libraries that use analytics to track usage, no email addresses or any other identifiable data are sent to Google Analytics. Web pages normally use cookies to be able to track whether a user is new or returning, but the libraries leave no tracking cookies stored on your local PC. 

Using code in your applications

Any libraries using analytics  have a mechanism to opt out of analytics. If you copy these libraries, and do your own usage tracking, please maintain the opt out capability, and continue to respect tracking anonymity.

You want to learn Google Apps Script?

Learning Apps Script, (and transitioning from VBA) are covered comprehensively in my my book, Going Gas - from VBA to Apps script, All formats are available from O'ReillyAmazon and all good bookshops. You can also read a preview on O'Reilly

If you prefer Video style learning I also have two courses available. also published by O'Reilly.
Google Apps Script for Developers and Google Apps Script for Beginners.

Creative Commons License

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