How to apply blister lists as as validation

In Example blister validation lists I showed some examples of how to apply blister lists as data validation input in your sheet. Here's how to set it up. These are in the examples module of the shared examples spreadsheet. You will also the the custom functions module discussed in Using blister custom functions, and a reference to the blister library

Creating the validation profile. 

You need to maintain a function that returns all known blister lists and what ranges to apply them to. The example looks like this

function generateValidations () {

  // this is where you maintain the validations to apply to this sheet.

  return ( { blisters: [
        { listName : 'blister.currencies' ,  blister: [ {listId: 'ISO' } ], applies: [ {sheet:'enterCurrencies', range:'a2:a'} ] },
        { listName : 'car_list' , applies: [ {sheet:'enterCars', range:'a2:c'} ] }
      ] }) ;

This example applies two different validations. The first uses the currency example and the second the car list, as discussed in Example blister validation lists . The full list of options that can be applied to each validation is 

 blister: [ {listId:'xx', dependent: true , sortId:'optxx', sortDescending: false},{},{} ..] 

Non -dependent validation

The first example applied the shared currency list to a single column. The only thing special about this one is that we are validating against the ISO column of the currencies blister list. It had three columns, but we only want to use one of them. 

Dependent validation

The second uses the first three columns of the local car_list and uses all the defaults, including making it a dependent function such that later columns valid options are based on earlier column answers. The onEdit() trigger will be used to re-evaluate valid options.
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