Getting lists as a restquery

In using scriptDB as a noSQL database, I showed how to do queries on a scriptDB as if it were a REST API. Since these blister lists are just data in a scriptDB, we can use the exact same thing to get lists into other software such as web apps, Excel - anything that can deal with JSON in fact.

There is no change to the syntax described in scriptDB as a noSQL database. We can use it as is.

Here's an example. 

Here's the live result


Of course the example above is prettified, so we need to call the underlying, unprettifying script

If you need a callback just add &callback=yourfunction

The format of the query is simply some json - using query by example. 

source=scriptdb (mandatory)
module=blister (mandatory)
library=blister(the name of the library)
query=some jSon

The query format then would be, {"package":{"name":"the name of the list"}}

results.package.items[] is the data, and results.package.keys[] are the list headers.

And here's an example of consuming the generated JSON - Using VBA to consume a rest blister query

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