Using the API to manage lists

In Setting up blister lists I showed how to create lists in scriptDB from data in a spreadsheet. You can also do it by scripting. The cBlister class has a few aids to help with that. 

Now that we have lists in the cloud, the great thing is that changes made are immediately available to everyone who uses these functions. 

An example

Using the currency list example, which looked like this, we'd like to run something using a Google Apps Script trigger, to update the exchange rate every day at 7am.  

We want to get a result  something like this...

Using the shared functions in the blister library, this is all that's needed

We can use the Google Currency converter after retrieving the current list, add a new column for the exchange rate (if we don't already have one), and pop in the new exchange rate for every currency that has one. Setting a trigger to run this every morning will give us a fresh daily exchange rate. 


This will dump the data to take a look at the whole thing, and we can use the new field in lookups/calculation etc.

Here's the dynamic validation list we used in How to apply blister lists as as validation looking up the latest exchange rate with 

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