Blisters from combined sheets

Using the API to manage lists shows how to create blister lists from various sources such as xml feeds and blister listsFusion and blister lists while Setting up blister lists covers a built in function to create a list from a range. Here's how to combine data from a collection of sheets to create multiple blisters.

ScriptDB limits

There are a number of limits on scriptDB. One of them is on object size. It's not a specific limit, but it is somewhere between 4k-8k. Since blisters are stored as single object, that places some constraints. This is not a bad thing, as you want to keep the size manageable to avoid performance issues anyway. In this example though, we want to create a blister from all the worksheets from the guardian university rankings, used elsewhere on this site for a google visualization example.

So in this case we are going to make multiple blisters in one function. 

Creating the blister list

Here's the code creating multiple blisters from a spreadsheet with a number of sheets.

Using a shared blister

Up to now we've used either lists created in the blister library, or in the local sheet. In this case I've created a script called university and added it to the project references so its accessible to co-operating spreadsheets. We'll use its scriptDb to store this data in. 

Accessing university data in a sheet

more to come...

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