Column numbers to characters

This is a very small Apps Script snippet to generate column addresses from column numbers that can be useful in things like Sheet Addons. 

For example 1 gives A, 27 - AA, 703 - AAA and so on.

Just pass the column number (starting at 1) and get the label back.

 * create a column label for sheet address, starting at 1 = A, 27 = AA etc..
 * @param {number} columnNumber the column number
 * @return {string} the address label 
function columnLabelMaker (columnNumber,s) {
  s = String.fromCharCode(((columnNumber-1) % 26) + 'A'.charCodeAt(0)) + ( s || '' );
  return columnNumber > 26 ? columnLabelMaker ( Math.floor( (columnNumber-1) /26 ) , s ) : s;

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