Using D3 in server side Gas

There are plenty of examples on this site of using D3 for its visualization capabilities, whether from Excel, Apps Script or some other platform. I like D3 a lot, and now with the release of d3 v4, which is much more modular, you can use it server side from Apps Script. 

Why would you ? 

Well, D3 had plenty of polyfills for array functions and other goodies before they actually showed up in Apps Script, but in addition to that it also plenty of useful functions for manipulating arrays that are not implemented in Apps Script, but it also has many other functions for data manipulation and math problems.

Set up

You'll need the d3Gas library.


Then you can do this 

var d3 = d3Gas.d3;


Since there are plenty of uses for this, I'll do a page on each one - links below

and that's all folks..

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