EasyCron Library

The easyCron service is a cloud based scheduler for recurrent jobs. Google Apps Script has it's own scheduler for triggering tasks, but you may prefer the management capabilities with easyCron. You have to sign up, but there is a free plan too. 

The library

You'll find it here  if you want to fork it, or you can include this resource MjbiRDgq07ZNFaXn0OEKX-yz3TLx7pV4j


EasyCron has a fairly straightforward API. This library provides a simple interface to it from GAS. I personally don't use it, but following a few posts on the subject in the Google Apps Script community I thought I may as well create this for others to use. Please provide feedback via Google Apps Script community if you find it useful or otherwise. 


Before you start you should store your API key in your property service, as the example below. Here is how to schedule running a GAS webapp everyday at 12:30. It uses cron expressions which you can read about here.
function myFunction() {
  // some gas webapp
  var sc = "https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbyNxrJg2SbjoKWJQgGxqjECkcA-A57xaoRQWzsJkTPbVyTWbCDi/exec";
  // get my apiKey, which Im storing in my userproperties
  var easyCron = new EasyCron(JSON.parse(PropertiesService.getUserProperties().getProperty('easyCronKeys')).restAPIKey);
  // schedule it at 12:30 every day (see https://www.easycron.com/faq/What-cron-expression-does-easycron-support)
  var result = easyCron.add("myGASWebapp",sc,"30 12 * * *");
  if(!result.ok) {
    throw (JSON.stringify(result));

and here's what it looks like on the easyCron console

Here's some more methods available in the library

function test () {

// some other things
  var easyCron = new EasyCron(JSON.parse(PropertiesService.getUserProperties().getProperty('easyCronKeys')).restAPIKey);

  // add something
  var id = easyCron.add("testcron","https://www.easycron.com/rest/list?token=4cf0ff7a668a141d5a81e2b6242952dc&sortby=name&page=1","0 0 * * 3").id;

  // list all current cron jobs
  var jobs = easyCron.listAll();

  jobs.forEach (function(d) {

 // remove it

Code from library

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