procProfilerConstruct procedure

call procProfilerContruct(optional sname As String="default profiler", Optional pLevel As ptLevels = ptLevelAll)


Call this at the beginning of your main module to set up a default profiler.  This will have a public name of procProfiler and will be of type cProcProfiler
This starts a profiling session that will last until the FinishProfiler  method is executed. The pLevel can be used to filter which sections are to be executed in this session.


  • sName - Purely informational and results will be reported against this name. In more complex examples, where multiple profilers are used, this name can be used as a key to distinguish from additional profilers you may want to create.
  • pLevel this is the depth of profiling you want to go to. Any section with a higher level of detail that this will not be processed or reported. The default is to do all levels. If you want to leave profiling code in your procedures, you can simply turn off reporting till you need it by selected ptLevelNone. Available values are
    • ptLevelNone    
    • ptLevelLow
    • ptLevelMedium
    • ptLevelHigh
    • ptLevelAll



Notes - Advanced

    If you need to create more than one profiler, you will need to use the startProfiler Method of the cProcProfiler class. Normally one is sufficient, and it will be created automatically by this procedure
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