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Resource LinkDescription
Excel ramblings blog Related blog for this site 
Follow me on Twitter Follow this site on twitter 
Forum gadget Related forum for this site 
Google Plus Visit me on google plus 
http://excelunusual.com/ This site just completely blows me away. Extreme Excel animation. 
http://spreadsheetpage.com/ John walkenbachs site 
http://www.andypope.info/ Andy Pope's site with plenty of VBA/Charting examples 
http://www.cpearson.com Chip Pearson's site is probably the most complete site for 'how to do stuff in Excel' 
http://www.eggheadcafe.com/ Robbe Morris and Peter Bromberg's site with all kinds of articles for users and developers in Excel and other Microsoft products 
http://www.excelhero.com/ Daniel Ferry's Excel Site and Blog. Interesting animated charts and advanced Excel topics. 
http://www.regxlib.com/ A library of regular expressions you can use along with the regex example on this site  
http://www.tushar-mehta.com/excel/ Very comprehensive and deep dive into many Excel topics 
launch excel Victor Chan's site for learning how to make Excel more productive 
Martin Hawksey's blog Lots of Google Apps Script and Visualization thoughts 
scoop it Excel liberation scoop it 
spreadsheet1.com VBA and Excel consultancy 
Suggestions for content Related suggestions for this site 
twylah Excel liberation twylah page 
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